Asked by Ms.Trenkz from Canada | Jan. 12, 2009 22:25
About:How was the Great Wall of China defended?

who is the designer? is it a mass, frame or shell structure? what are the safety features? how did the architect design the structure to allow it to fit into the area it was constructed? problems or facotrs needed to be considered when constructing or maintaining the structure? any interesting facts about it? please please please try to help me

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Answered by Ms.Cora from China | Jan. 14, 2009 00:20
The ancient working people are the designers of the Great Wall. They used different materials in different areas, for example, in mountains, they built the wall by bricks, and in desert, they used weed and sand.

The Great Wall is a complex structure, there are a lot to learn about this giant project, if you are interested in it, you can read more about it in this website, and probably, pay a visit to the wall, I think all your problems will be solved. :)
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