Asked by Mrs.heyyyyy from u to the s to the a | Jan. 11, 2009 13:58
About:Great Wall Construction

I'm doing a project right now on the great wall, and it's pretty awesome. It's pretty amazing of how much effort was put into it and how big it is. Does anyone know how i can do a "chart" of the great wall. my teachers crazy, and told us to do a chart of whatever topic we get. So i was just thinking of doing before the great wall, and afterr
any ideas?

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Answered by Ms.heyyy from usa | Jan. 28, 2009 19:23
you should also get a map of it. i saw one that shows how long it stretches and exactly which countries it passes through. very interesting. I hope you do well on it hun. Good Luck. I'm working on an assignment about it too.
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