Asked by gkay from Germany | Jun. 03, 2024 08:14
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Layover for turkish citizen in Peking

Hey Guys,
I booked a flight to Japan and have to fly first with an 3 to 5 hour layover to Peking. I got a turkish pass (also live in germany) and the visa center told me that I'm not able to get a transit visa. I dont have any plans to leave the airport and wanted to wait within the transit area.
I read on the chinese government site that as long as I dont stay over 24 hours, obtain an international plane ticket to continue my flight and dont leave the transit area I should be fine without a visa.

Is that true or should I worry?
Thnak you!

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Answered by Borut | Jun. 03, 2024 23:16
If you have just one transit point and your layover (transit) time in Beijing is 3 or 5 hours you will be covered by 24 hour visa free transit and you do not need any kind of visa. Also, you will not be a subject of immigration and customs control, but you will just pass a security check between your arrival and your departure gate. You do not have to fill out any forms and any cards and you do not need to announce in advance anything to anybody. All you need is your passport and your boarding passes. You are good to go and you should not worry at all. Travel relaxed and have a nice journey.

By the way, Chinese embassies are not a good address for inquiries regarding the transit through China because the transit is covered by totally different ministry. It is Timatic that is relevant who has a right to transit and who does not. Your situation is perfectly clear and transparent and, please, just proceed with your travel plans.
Answered by gkay | Jun. 04, 2024 06:33
Ok good to know. The problem is just I need some kind of security while I'm at the airport in Peking. Its my first big trip and I never experienced something that. And after I heard that travellers with a turkish pass dont even get a regular tourist visa, I'm kinda scared tbh. There is a paragraph on government sites which shows the regulations with the under 24h, international plane ticket and not leaving transit area. Would be a bit safer for me if I print that out and fly there ?

Thank you!
Answered by Borut | Jun. 04, 2024 23:57
Gkay, trust me. There is nothing you should be worried about. When I have written that you will not be a subject of any kind of control with the exception of usual security check (metal detector and similar) I really meant that. Nobody will cause you any problem and you will enjoy your journey because all the formalities will be so smooth. Also, Turkish citizens are visiting China in quite a large numbers for many reasons and there are daily 6 or 7 direct flights between Turkey and China. As you can see many prejudices are still present while a reality is totally different. I repeat, I guarantee that you will be fine and that you will enjoy your journey without any problem, stress or obstacle. If you take a look at Timatic that is an ultimate tool to determine each person eligibility to fly to and via certain country, you will see that you are perfectly eligible. Please, just relax and have a nice and pleasant journey.
Answered by gkay | Jun. 05, 2024 04:09
Ok Borut, thank you! I'm going to take the flight and will enjoy my vacation :D
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