Asked by Jesus from China | Sep. 06, 2020 20:33
About:China Visa Renewal and Extension

Residence Permit and Work permit linked

I found another job and we are on the procedure to change my work permit from my old company to the new company.
1) what are the possibilities that this change is not approved by the government? (is the first time I change job)
2) In order to get a new work permit I had to cancel the old one, but Is my residence permit cancelled too?
3) How much time I can stay in China if my residence permit is still valid but my work permit is not valid anymore?
4) Should I be worried about something?

Answers (2)
Answered by Carl | Sep. 09, 2020 23:33
1) The possibility is half to half.
2) Your residence permit is not to be cancelled, but you should renew it.
3) If your employer does not tell the exit and entry administration to cancel your residence permit, you can stay until your residence permit expires.
4) If you can't change your work permit successfully, you may need to leave China.
Answered by Jesus | Sep. 11, 2020 17:12
Thank you so much for your answers
1) how can I make sure the process is gonna be faster? I read some recent news about this process being faster and easier nowadays after the 1st of September
2) My residence permit was renewed this May so I still have a whole year with it
3) Thank you for that, that is smth very important I needed to know. How can I know if my old employer ordered to cancel my just renewed residence permit?
4) I am in the process of getting the transfer to the new company but I’m worried about what happens if I can’t get it.
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