Asked by ESTHER TEH BT PANDAK ALOY ALIA from Malaysia | Jul. 27, 2020 07:26
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I'm bone 1 July 1983 and my husband bone 14 April 1983.

We have a conflict which is he gonna keep another women into his life.this happen because our horoscope not match?

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Answered by Mojem33 from United Kingdom | Jul. 27, 2020 12:01
Nope this is because Your personalities aren't matching , Horoscope is only the direction not a reason . If You are compatibile, like check my year is 1993 and my perfect match is Ox, his bad luck colour are my lucky colours and same with me . So we can be eachother piece of good luck cause we can't wear like Roosters can't wear red cause it's our bad luck colour , but in Chinese culture Red is the luckiest colour so this is my bad luck if I wear it but if it is for my partner a good luck colour I will receive a piece of his good luck. So if You do not match there is possibility of heartbreak and being hurt.It needs to be your choice and decision maybe somewhere on the world is a man whom choosen same as You.
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