Asked by alexandra from United Kingdom | May. 18, 2020 05:35
About:China Visa Renewal and Extension

cost of 2nd visa extension for British citizens.


Regarding the second round of China visa extensions, I have a specific enquiry to make.​

I am a British citizen on a 2-year tourist visa, with 90 day stays.​

I exited China, as normal, on 5 January 2020, and then when my next exit date was due, 4 April, I was informed by the entry/exit bureau in Huizhou that my stay would be extended automatically for another 2 months, taking me up to 4 June. ​

Foreigners in China can now apply for a further extension, and in my case, this would be for 90 days, taking me up to approximately 4 September. ​

However, the officer at the exit/entry bureau was unable to tell me the cost of extending my visa stay for a further 90 days. ​

Do you have any precise information on this as I do not want to end up paying an exorbitant sum and might consider alternatives? I am a British citizen.

many thanks, Alexandra

Answers (2)
Answered by Tom from UK | May. 18, 2020 06:41
Firstly, where did you get the information that foreigners can apply for 90 days extension on a tourist visa? This appears to be incorrect, in fact where I am (Dalian) it’s definitely incorrect, I actually went today and was refused any extension whatsoever without hard evidence to prove I needed one, and then it would be 30 days maximum. Incidentally, I’m in exactly the same boat as you, British 2 year L visa 90 day stays, except my 90+60 expires 24th. May (this week). I actually told the official there were no flights, and he checked his phone and found one for 20th. May, Shanghai to Heathrow, at a one way cost of over 20,000RMB!! As the cost is not his concern, I’m out on a limb!
Answered by liltim from uk | May. 22, 2020 01:57
They are cancelling all old visas making way for the new much stricter visa system. Even if you lived, worked and been married in China for a decade, your current visa will be cancelled and you can only get a 3 month visa now. When I was in line at the government building, they were telling everyone they must go to the hospital for medical checks before they can even fill out the paper work to apply for the visa and speak with an officer! If you're a tourist on an L visa looking for an extension, they will likely show you the door. The whole situation is a joke.
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