Asked by Gregory from USA | Dec. 16, 2019 03:48
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Document notarization

I have a university diploma from a public university and a criminal background check from my home state. I'm unclear regarding the process to have these notarized. For both of these documents will I need to have them notarized by the US/state government prior to having them notarized at the Chinese consulate?

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Answered by Monica from USA | Dec. 17, 2019 17:56
Step 1 Have your document notarized by a local notary public unless it is an original certified copy/certification issued by a competent Federal/ State/local Office.

Step 2 The document needs further to be authenticated by the Secretary of the State where it is executed. Some states require that the document be certified by the County Clerk first. For Federally issued certifications, skip this step, go directly to Step 3.

Step 3 If one of the Chinese Consulate-Generals holds consular jurisdiction (click to check ourservice area map) over you state, you may submit your document to that Consulate-General for final legalization; if not, please get your document authenticated by the U. S. State Department before the Chinese Embassy can finally legalize it. (Please note that your legalization application may be rejected by the Embassy/Consulate General that does not hold consular jurisdiction over the state where your document is executed.)
Answered by Gregory from USA | Dec. 17, 2019 22:49
Would a state criminal background check qualify as "an original certified copy/certification issued by a competent Federal/ State/local Office."? That is what I was asking.
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