Asked by Hannah from Germany | Nov. 23, 2019 01:55
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Apply for a Chinese visa in Kolkata - non-Indian citizen

Hi there,
I am an Irish citizen living in Germany and would like to apply for a Chinese visa. I am planning a long journey across many countries, but will leave my home country outside of the visa validity window (i.e. if I apply for it here it will have expired by the time I get to China). I see in your fee structure there is a section "Citizens of Other Countries" - is this all other countries, or just a select few? Could I apply with my Irish passport? I will be travelling through Kolkata, so if this is a possibility that would be fantastic.
Thank you for your time.

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Answered by Alan from India | Nov. 24, 2019 23:14
Yes, it's possible to apply from India.

Here is sth for your reference:
The applicant from a third country should provide valid Indian visa or valid Residence Permit in India and its copy, and fill up the Additional Application Form. In case the applicant from a third country staying in India with a short-term visa, a note verbale (with details as follows: applicant's name, passport number, occupation, purpose to go to China, duration of stay in China) by the Embassy or Consulate-General of his / her own country is required.
Answered by vijay from new delhi | Mar. 16, 2020 07:13
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