Asked by Ced from Switzerland | Sep. 16, 2018 13:13
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We are looking for the best way to travel from Longsheng (Ping'an) to Fenghuang.

Our hotel offered to arrange a taxi and said they did only few times before. Costs ca. RMB 2300,- Are there other possibilities than such an expensive taxi? (e.g. train, express bus, private driver, split journey in two taxi drive)

Same problem for the journey from Fenghuang to Zhangjiajie NF where the hotel in Zhangjiajie offered a pickup service for RMB 3.000,-

Thanks for your help.

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Answered by Amy from UK | Sep. 16, 2018 23:48
I didn’t find the information of your route, but I once hired a local car from Longsheng to Guilin and the fare was RMB 400.
Anyway, here is the public transport:
To Fenghuang: take a bus from Longsheng Genaral Bus Station to Guilin. It takes about 2h and RMB 35; then, take a bullet train from Guilin Station to Changsha South; and it takes 3-4h, RMB 181.5 for a second class seat; after arrival, take a bus from the station near the South station to Fneghuang, and it takes 6-6.5h, RMB 150 or so.
To Zhagnjiajie: take a bus from Fenghuang General Bus Station to Zhangjiajie directly. It takes about 3h, RMB 80.
Answered by Ced from Switzerland | Sep. 17, 2018 01:34
Thank you so much Amy.

Well, I guess for the journey from Fenghuang to Zhangjiajie we will definitely take your suggested bus. That sounds very good.

From Longsheng to Fenghuang: did you just took a local taxi and asked or did you booked via a provider? Do you remember the name? Looks like with public transport it doesn`t make really sense as it would take almost a whole day (and we came 1 day before from Guilin).
Answered by Amy from UK | Sep. 17, 2018 02:38
We found the local car near the Longsheng General Bus Station, but it seemed the driver didn’t understand English. We traveled with a Chinese friend, and he helped us a lot. So, I guess it may be hard for you to find a car. If the public transport is not available, I think it’s better to take the taxi arranged by the hotel. It’s much easier and safer. Nice trip!
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