Asked by Nana from Canada | Sep. 18, 2017 20:35
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This year has been very hard on my relationship

As a fire rabbit I'm finding this year has been horrible for my relationship, a lot of external factors and bad luck causing problems. Together we are perfect but just all the external influence and unlucky events threaten to break us up. and I am unhappy in my career. My DOB is November 18, 1987 time:6:19 pm. My partner DOB September 19, 1984. Does marriage and happiness eventually look likely?

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Answered by Helen from Denmark | Sep. 20, 2017 22:59
Hello, Nana, don't be so upset. Everything will be ok in the following months. According to the prediction, it will be ok for you to change the current career. Find one that you interested a lot. As for your love relationship, you are advised to look forward. You will still have several chances to meet the right person. Don't worry.
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