Asked by nams from USA | Feb. 19, 2017 14:31
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planning to find a job and want be stress free from friends issues

hi i was born on dec 8th 1993 at 2:30pm name:- namayuktha surarapu .i just want to know how my career goes and regarding the marriage . if u can say where its a love r arranged also that would be great

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Answered by Alex from Russia | Feb. 20, 2017 03:07
For job things, you don't need to worry a lot. It predicted that you will get along well with your colleagues. Also you will make more friends who may help you in the future.

As for love life, may I know if you are single now? If yes, there is high possibility that you will meet your love and you will stay together happily. The relationship may lead to a successful marriage.
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