Asked by Joe from USA | Jan. 28, 2017 03:33
About:China Tourist Visa

Do I qualify for the 72 and/or 144hr free transit visa, if not am I screwed?

Visiting my brother in China who is on a extended business trip. I am leaving in six days (that's only four business days) and my brother neglected to mention that I needed a visa to enter the country. So, it is Saturday early morning, I am calling airlines and asking what my options are at this point, as I do not have a visa.

The kicker is that I am traveling Feb 2-16, of which the 5-12 we are going to Okinawa. On the 12th I fly back to Shanghai until the 16th, so after frantically searching around tonight (it's 4:20am and I've been searching desperately for a solution since 10:30pm) I found this 72hr and 144hr free visa for in-transit international travelers. My question is, do I not fit this category perfectly? The first leg of my trip is the 2-5 in Shanghai (a participating city for the "free in transit visa") and we're staying in Okinawa until the 12, so I'm returning to Shanghai for the back end of my vacation the 12-16. All of my dates and traveling are confirmable and seem to fit the criteria for these "Free in transit" visas, but I'm worried about there being something I'm not reading right, because if I don't qualify for that I must drive to Chicago and get the same day Tourist L visa application in and approved, to Hich doesn't seem feasible given my timeframe.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read and if you can help me out, I'd really appreciate it,

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Answered by Geoff from Germany | Feb. 03, 2017 20:49
Joe, you mean you will travel like US-Shanghai (Feb 2-5) –Japan-Shanghai (Feb 12-16)-US, right? If yes, you will be eligible for the 144 hour free transit in Shanghai each time.
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