Asked by Ken Peasley from USA | Oct. 05, 2016 15:07
About:Chinese Permanent Residence Permit

US citizen wants to marry a Chinese citizen then live with her in China as a Permanent resident.

Please be specific as possible in your answer to each of these questions. Thank you so much!
1. US citizen wishes to marry Chinese citizen who resides in Guangxi
a. What would be a list of the proper papers that would be needed by the US citizen to obtain the visa?
2. What would be the steps necessary to accomplish this? Please be specific
3, May I take my cat with me? What would be the steps necessary to accomplish this?
4. How much of my own personal belongings may I take into PRC to her residence (her house)?
5. How long does the Chinese government consider a person to be a Permanent residence?
Thank you for your time in the answering of these questions
Kenneth Peasley

Answers (1)
Answered by Danny from New Zealand | Oct. 10, 2016 21:36
1. Kenneth, you can just enter on a tourist L type to marry the Chinese citizen. The required documents include your passport and its copy, the application form and an invitation letter from the Chinese citizen. You need to get the single status certificate in your home country in the first place.
2. After entering PRC, you need to provide your passport, the tourist L type entry permit, and single status certificate to register your marriage at the marriage registration office. However, you cannot get permanent residence permit soon after you get married and you can only get temporary residence permit.
3. You can take your cat with you. You need to get the vaccination certificate of the cat, and apply for the quarantine inspection certificate from the quarantine office. When you enter China, you need to provide your passport, valid tourist L type entry permit, and the cat’s quarantine inspection certificate to receive on-site quarantine inspection. After that, your cat will be sent to Animals and plants quarantine nursery to get quarantined. After all these procedures, you can take the relevant document issued by the quarantine officers to get your cat.
4. There is no requirement for how much you should bring your personal belongs. You can decide that by your personal situation.
5. Only after your marriage lasts for 5 years and you stay in PRC for five years in a row with more than 9-month annual stay in PRC, you can apply for the permanent residence permit and be a Permanent resident.
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