Asked by Paul from Australia | May. 29, 2016 05:05
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Problems getting a new Z visa with a completely different organisation from outside China?

Earlier this year I renewed my Z type for a second year while working for an organisation in a certain Chinese city. While on leave and outside PRC, I gave the required notice and left the particular organisation. My understanding is that my former employer notified authorities and cancelled my work permit. The Z type in my passport appears to be current; at the time of leaving China the Chinese authorities were not aware that I would not be returning to that particular job in that part of China.

I am probably in the process of being formally offered employment requiring a Z type with a different organisation in a completely different part of China. Two questions: (1) Can my probable new employer use the seemingly valid Z type? and (2) if not, will it cause problems for my probable new employer obtaining a new Z type given that there is a Z type already in my passport that does not show that it is cancelled in the actual passport and indeed seems on the face of it to be still valid?

Thank you.

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Answered by Gloria from USA | May. 30, 2016 04:33
Paul, I think you should confirm with your former employer and find out whether they have cancelled your work permit. If not, you can reenter with the Z type on your passport, but then you need to get a release letter from your former employer to cancel your previous work permit and apply for a new one. Then renew your residence permit.

If they have canceled the work permit, do not take risks. Apply for a new Z type at the embassy and start the process all over again. You can explain this to the embassy. If you can get a Z type, the old Z type will become invalid.
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