Asked by EVIRUS | Mar. 19, 2016 23:52
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10 Year M Visa Questions.

Hello I entered China with a business M type on February 21st, 2016. The duration of stay is 60 days so I would like to know if it would okay if I exited PRC on April 21st, 2016. That will be the 60th day but I'm not sure if that will be to long. I really do not want to overstay so would it be better if I left PRC a week earlier than April 21st. If I leave on the 60th day will I be questioned by customs officials when I leave?

I also have another question. What's the maximum total length of time I can stay in PRC on a ten year business M type? Like if I were to stay a total of 10 months spread out over 1 year (exiting every 60 days)? Is there anything preventing me from doing that? Is there a maximum period of time I can stay in PRC while on this M type?

Thank You.

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Answered by Vera from United Kingdom | Mar. 20, 2016 02:39
Hi Evirus, you can leave on April 21st, 2016. It's ok. It's the last day you can stay after this entry, you won't be questioned or overstay.

There is no limit for the maximum total length time that you can spend in PRC, but if you enter and exit too often, there might be some bad influences. The officer may doubt you work in PRC and your ten-year M type may be canceled.
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