Asked by DragonGnomes from Australia | Feb. 12, 2016 19:39
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A 1976 Pisces Dragon and a 1992 Pisces Monkey

We met, fell in love in 4 days and then he went to jail protecting myself and my daughter. He either gets out in june this year or full time is feb 10 next year. Im waiting, hes with me but dreams of marrage and children have been taken off the table. Will we work? I dont really know what im asking because i have loved before but nothing like this. We match in every possible way, in all the compatibles, all the little test. Though age doesnt bother me, im 40 in 12 days and age does mean we are on different levels of life. Any advice please. Ive lived it hard and as much as i believe, I sometimes doubt!

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Answered by Jimmy from Russia | Feb. 15, 2016 00:54
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. If you really like him, the age and jail thing may not be the problem, because you two are quite compatible. Your boyfriend is very realistic and has great encouragement to face the challenges. Everything he does it very flawless. You have a talent to find out what goes wrong. Your suggestions would be very helpful to your boyfriend. It would be very pitiful to give up this relationship.
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