Asked by donna from usa | Jan. 22, 2016 22:36
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will my health, family,live and finances be good in 2016? born September 20 1961

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Answered by Gina from Singapore | Jan. 24, 2016 01:45
Health: Don't consume too much especially for supper. Avoid taking many candies. Or you will feel uncomfortable in stomach and teeth.
Family: Your family members generally get along well. If possible, arrange family trips for closer relationship. But it is suggested not to lend a large amount of money to relatives in case that you cannot get it back.
Relationship/Life: You will keep intimate with your partner. Both of you are busy with work so that you may ignore each other somtimes. I suggest you balance well between work and life.
Money: It is predicted that there will be more expenses this year. Also risky investment should be avoided.
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