Asked by James from Belgium | Jan. 09, 2016 16:30
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Visit Fiance in China


I went back to Belgium after being some time in PRC on a L type. My fiance is Chinese and currently working in PRC so she can't just stop the job. I am obviously going back in 1 or 2 weeks to Shanghai to be with her.

Is there no "special" type of entry permit for these matters? Because S type is for relatives and being a fiance of a chinese girl doesn't count I guess?
What can I do in order to stay longer in PRC without exiting after 30days.. if she writes an invitation letter,copy of passport and home address or something like this, I can receive an entry permit for longer period, I live with her in her apartment etc..

What is the best solution to stay for longer periods? ( I don't need to work ). Because I really need to go back to PRC.

Belgian citizen. Last time I got all with double entry visa of 30 days in Belgium. I could use some advise.

Kind regards

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Answered by Mike from Finland | Jan. 10, 2016 19:50
James, as for your situation, you cannot get S type, so I think a tourist L type is only for your choice. You can ask her to issue an invitation letter to you, and in the invitation letter, she should state that you will stay with her for a relatively long time after your entry. You can apply for an extension before it expires.
Or you can apply for a tourist L type with multiple entries for 6 or 12 months.
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