Asked by Andrea Zakova from Czech | Nov. 19, 2015 17:48
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Visa Information, please help me!


I would like to go to Xinjiang province from Kyrgyzstan and then travel through to Beijing from which I will take a plane back to the Czech Republic. I want to get there either by Irkeshtam Pass or by plane from Bishkek to Kashgar.
I fear, that I will not obtain Chinese entry permit when I put Xinjiang into my itinerary because it seems the Chinese are a bit touchy about this region. I read that you should not mention travelling to Xinjiang during the application and that you must enclose return plane tickets. But if I plan to enter from Kyrgyzstan I have a problem with enclosing my ticket to mainland PRC since I will either not have any ticket or I will have the ticket to Xinjiang.

1) Is it possible to cross the Kyrgyz/China border by foot? Or to travel by plane from Bishkek to Kashgar?
2) Is it possible to obtain Chinese travel single-entry permit when I enclose 1 plane ticket from Bishkek to Kashgar and 1 ticket from Beijing to Prague? Or would I get a tourist type with just one plane ticket from Beijing?
3) Is it possible to apply for my trip without booking a tour to Xinjiang at Chinese travel agency?

Thank you

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Answered by Andy from Romania | Nov. 21, 2015 00:28
Are you sure there is a flight from Bishkek to Kashgar? I didn't find anything about this. The only thing I found is that you might take bus from Bishkek to Kashgar.

If there is really a flight, then you can try to apply for a tourist type with the air tickets (Bishkek-Kashgar and Beijing to Czech), hotel booking information and travel itineraries. But I can't ensure that you will apply successfully for sure because Xinjiang is different from other places.
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