Asked by Deana from USA | Aug. 12, 2015 20:07
About:Year of the Rat

I'm a virgo rat female, he is a taurus tiger male.

I am not a very affectionate or verbally demonstrative about love by nature. If I feel live for you, I say it and expect to be taken at my word. He is touchy feely affectionate and likes to verbally profess his feelings of love. This makes me terribly uncomfortable, and I find myself exhausted emotionally after just a short time together. Why won't he stop and just let it be what it is and allow me to be comfortable?

Answers (1)
Answered by Daniel from Malaysia | Aug. 13, 2015 04:18
Well, it's true that people of your zodiac signs ae lack of common language, meaning that you can't communicate very well. Then both sides feel dissatisfied. I think both of you need to change for each other. For you, why not try to enjoy his affectionate love? For him, he can try not to express his love frequently if you are uncomfortable.
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