Asked by Sina from New Zealand | Jun. 22, 2015 11:25
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I was born on 24 December 1985 and my husband on 19 April 1981. how my business and love life?

We have 2 kids 1 boy n 1 girl.this year we been fighting almost all the time. He's always angry all the time we just don't get along, he alway want to leave me.For me I love him so much. Is this the year he will leave?

We have our own business. This year he want to take over the business. I give everything to him and for me have nothing even owe friend and family money. What going to happen next? would it be good to borrow family money to start a business by myself?

Thank you.

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Answered by Amy from Iran | Jun. 23, 2015 04:34
Sina, he is the one who suffer many failures at the beginning but finally be successful. However, you are the one who makes a living on your expertise. Before you borrow money to support your business, you need to figure out what he thinks of your relationship. If he still wants to leave you, then you shouldn't borrow money to support your business. Don't be naive! If he decides to leave, you can't ask him to stay even you borrow money for him to maintain your business.

Yes, it's true that 2015 isn't a good year for people who have the same zodiac signs as you. They might divorce or break up.
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