Asked by JC from USA | Jun. 17, 2015 23:21
About:72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Can I fly in and out from same 3rd region using 72 hour visa free transit?

I have a Romanian passport and will be visiting HK and Macao. I am interested in flying from HK/Macao to either Beijing or Guilin to visit surrounding areas for 72 hours or less, and then flying back out to HK. Can I fly from and out to the same 3rd region and still use 72 hour free transit? (from HK to Guilin back to HK). Or do I need to fly in from a different 3rd region than the region that I am flying out to? (for example fly in from HK and fly out to Macao; or fly in from Macao and fly out to HK).

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Answered by Kate from San Marino | Jun. 18, 2015 02:12
JC, your route isn't ok because your place of departure is the same as your destination (HK). Theoretically, it's ok to fly from HK to Beijing or Guilin and then to Macau. However, the immigration officers might not grant you the free tranit in mainland because you actually can go to Macau from HK directly. In your case, I suggest you apply fo a L type in advance.
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