Asked by John from United States | Jun. 16, 2015 04:35
About:Year of the Ox

I am an Ox, 8-9-61, and she is a rat, 5-30-84

I have been corresponding with a very attractive, but even more so, a very loyal and lovely woman, born May 30, 1984, and I am a Ox, born, August 9, 1961. We have a wonderful chemistry together, and seem to be so loyal, to one another. I feel that she is my destined, true soul mate, and want to know, if we are meant to be, also, what our future, holds for us.

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Answered by Nina from Russia | Jun. 19, 2015 03:37
John, you and she is a perfect match because your zodiac signs are well-matched. If you both can make great efforts to develop your relationship, then you are able to be together till the end.
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