Asked by Jellyann from Ireland | Jun. 13, 2015 10:26
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My birthdate September 26,1982 and the guy I dated born July 10, 1975

Hi, I'm Jellyann, I was born under dog sign. There's a guy I met on online dating,he was born under rabbit sign and we dated twice and we had constant communication but there's some days we argue, because he told me that his ex is trying to work things out with them. In a few weeks we didn't contact to each other,but I can't resist not to contact him. Then in a few conversation he told be that he really like me but he's not yet ready for big relationship.. What should I do? should I chase him?

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Answered by Jack from Iran | Jun. 14, 2015 03:06
Jelly, if I were you, I would forget him and try to find another man. If he really likes you, he wouldn't have messed up with his ex again. He isn't ready for a big relationship because he thinks of getting back to his Ex. He just finds out an excuse to refuse you without hurting you.
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