Asked by David from China | Jun. 11, 2015 08:30
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can I get Z visa in Guizhou or Zhejiang without going out of china?

hello dears
I'm married to chinese citizen (my wife) in Guiyang, Guizhou. I will soon get my Q type and move to china, and now many schools contacted me for a teaching job, my question is that,
1. is it possible to change Q type to Z type if I found a job in Guizhou or Zhejiang?
2. is there any legal way to work or get z type while I'm staying with my wife?
3. I heard some agencies can help in this regard, is there any recommendations? like changing resident permit to working
4. is there any kind of job (part time, or small jobs) that does not need Z type ? or at least can be ok with my Q1 type?

much appreciate your reply

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Answered by Adam from Ireland | Jun. 13, 2015 01:57
1. It's possible since you hold long-term resident permit (Q1). However, it is still up to the local entry and exit management bureau. They decide whether you have to change Q into Z inside or outside mainland.
2. Those who hold Q types are not allowed to work. If you were caught, you would be punished.
3. The agencies usually charge a high service fee. However, they don't guarantee that they can help you change successfully. It means that you have to pay no matter they succeed or not.
4. As I said, those who have Q1 type are supported by their Chinese partners. If they plan to work legally, they need to change their Q1 type into Z type.
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