Asked by Jennifer | May. 12, 2015 18:33
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will we marry? I'm a snake and he's an ox.

it says we're a perfect match and I know we love each other but I wonder if it will go farther? I was born March 1 1977, he was born April 23,1973 no matter Wat either of us do we always end up back with each other .it's been two yrs and I was just wondering.

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Answered by James from Canada | May. 13, 2015 02:30
Jennifer, Chinese zodiac compatibility chart just tells that you two are a wonderful pair. But you both are the key to a successful and ever-lasting relationship. If you both make efforts together to improve your relationship, then you two can get married and live together. If any of you loses his/her attention on the other side, then your relationship will fail.
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