Asked by Maan Anaban | May. 06, 2015 18:15
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Hi. I just want to ask for help. I have a Chinese boyfriend and we are planning to get married here. I have Z type since I am working here but it will expire after a 2 months. My boyfriend wants to get married this month. My questions are:
1. If my company will renew my Z type, will they know that I'm already married? Will the PSB know it even though I will get marry at other province? Do you think it will reflect on the papers that I'm already married? Because I want to keep mum about it. I don't want to company to know that I'm already married due to personal reasons.
2. If we get a marriage certificate, are they going to stamp/stick something on my passport?
3. For instance I decided not renew my Z type anymore, how am I going to get a residence permit for my L type?

Thanks a lot for the help!

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Answered by Vivien from Italy | May. 07, 2015 02:00
Maan, the fact that you’re married will not be reflected on the papers. Your company will not know the fact even though it renews your Z type.

The police will not stamp anything on your passport.

You cannot get a residence permit with an L type. Since your company knows nothing about your marriage, you can just renew your Z type and apply for the renewal of your residence permit.
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