Asked by lee from Indonesia | May. 02, 2015 21:56
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I was born at 1989, Dec 18 snake year my partner born at 1981, March 8 rooster yet.

How our relationship will be? When we can get married? How is my career this year?

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Answered by Linda from Saudi Arabia | May. 04, 2015 22:41
Lee, you two have your own character. However, you are able to learn from each other and close the gap between you two. Therefore, there is no doubt that you two will have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, I can' tell when you can get married. It acually depends on you two. If you think it's time, then you can make it happen. And I think you both should talk about this and listen to each other's opinion on marriage.

This year, you may come up with the idea that you plan to do your business. It's worth trying. However, you should understand that there are risks too. Think twice beore you do it.
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