Asked by Annie from United States | Apr. 07, 2015 08:12
About:China Embassy in Costa Rica

Can an American citizen apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy in Costa Rica?

I am an American citizen currently teaching English as a foreign language in Costa Rica, but only on a tourist type. I am planning on going to China after I finish teaching here, and I need to apply before I go. I will be applying for a single entry, 3 month one. Do I have to go back to the United States to apply, or can I apply here in Costa Rica before I leave?

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Answered by Bing from Venezuela | Apr. 08, 2015 20:49
Hi Annie! As you are just holding the tourist type entry permit in Costa Rica, it’s hard to say whether your application will be approved. Anyway, if you have a valid work permit there, you can still have a try, but I’m afraid you cannot get the 3 month one if you are just visiting China for leisure purposes. Even though you are applying in your home country, it’s difficult to obtain the 3 month single entry type.
Answered by David from Australia | Sep. 09, 2016 11:29
Hi Annie,

I am just wondering if were able to obtain your Chinese visa in Costa Rica or did you have to return to the United States?
Answered by Annie from United States | Sep. 11, 2016 13:47
Hi David,

I ended up returning to the United States early for other reasons, so I had enough time to apply for and get my visa before leaving for China. I wish I could give you more advise on getting a Chinese Visa, but the company I was teaching for did most of the work to get it! I know they had to "sponsor" me, even just to get a tourist visa.
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