Asked by Lesia from USA | Jan. 02, 2015 11:25
About:Year of the Snake

My birthday is june 17, 1965. How will my spiritual, financial, health, career and love be in 2015?

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Answered by Lexi from Romania | Jan. 05, 2015 02:36
Lesia, snakes born in 1965 might have many crises in their career this year. If they can survive, they will make big progress. If the fail, they will suffer from great losses. However, they have chances to start their own business. It's good if they cooperate with their friends.

Their finance is just so so. It's ok for them to make investment or speculations. However, they should avoid the lawsuits caused by the speculations.

They may feel tired this year because they are very busy. So they should have a good rest for the sake of their health.

They are not lucky in love too. Those who are married or in a relationship might break up.
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