Asked by sari suhandi from Singapore | Nov. 08, 2014 01:26
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we r both born in monkey year, we love each other but Coz of our different age we r broken up

Can we still to be together as before our planned to live together till the end?

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Answered by Nick from Netherlands | Nov. 10, 2014 02:46
Sari, two monkeys can be together, according to Chinese zodiac. However, they need change themselves in order to have a successful marriage. They shouldn't be self-centered and suspicious as before. And they need to face their difficulties rationally.

You must ask whether she is willing to be together with you again. If you both get together again, you should do your best to maintain your relationship. If you fail, you won't be together till the end. If you manage your relationship very well, you both can have a forever relationship.
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