Asked by Nirmal Joseph from India | Oct. 09, 2014 00:51
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My date of birth is 27th February 1990.

I Am having a very important examination on 15th November in my career. Actually this year was horrible for me. Am afraid whether the bad fortune of mine will affect that exam. I don't want it to be happen. Can any one suggest some solutions to overcome the bad fortune of mine at the time of that exam. Because that much important is that exam for me..Please help..

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Answered by Nina from Greece | Oct. 11, 2014 06:39
Joseph, I think the best solution is to do your best to prepare for your exam and forget about your bad luck. The more worried you are, the higher chance you have to fail in the exam. Do your best to calm down and focus on your exam only. If you are fully prepared, you will have a good result.
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