Asked by Chandra from Philippines | Dec. 31, 2013 09:25
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Will 2014 be good to me in all life aspects like career, love life and financial matter?

I am born 18 December 1990. I have a dragon partner whose birthday is September 5, 1988. Will he be able to come and see me for this year? And as for my career will I be able to finally find a good job?

Answers (1)
Answered by Karen | Jan. 09, 2014 01:45
For your jobs, if you can still work hard to look for, it is sure that you will find the suitable job in the end.
There is no big problem on your love life, so he will come and see you this year .
If you can make a well plan, there is no big problem for the finance. You may have chances to earn a lot, but the chances to lose a lot exist.
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