Asked by Jet from Us | Nov. 06, 2013 07:39
About:Year of the Ox

I always work hard and is stress out. any Luck for man ,Water Ox sign this year or next?

What should I avoid for better luck? Driving - work - health - love? Any luck this year? Also planning to play slot machine at a casino , any winning? Thanks.

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Answered by Jimmy from USA | Nov. 06, 2013 21:06
It is not a lucky year for you.
You may meet some bad guys to disturb your career, the new chances still exist. it is suggested to try your best to catch it, so that you will have nice future.
The lovelife may not be so good. The people you meet may not help you a lot. If you want to find the right guy, you may try to get some help from your relatives. Challenging activites should be avoid to keep a healty body.
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