Asked by Eileen from Philippines | Jul. 13, 2013 23:03
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Can you see a bright future to me and my boyfriend(fiance)? Jan 16, 74 and jan 3'74.

My name is Eileen Labador ( jan 16'74) and he is Brian Saviour Frank Emanuel Cilia (jan 3'74)... can you say anything about there wedding bells...can i see him this year...and be together this year... i am greatly appreciates for everything you'll see.... its been hard for me.... but am trying to be strong... pls...thank you very much

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Answered by Allen from USA | Jul. 15, 2013 04:02
You have a lot in common and both of you work hard, but not very positive. If you can be more positive and energetic and know how to relax from your work, things will turn better.
For holding a wedding ceremony, this year is a good year and may be you can hold the ceremony in September or November.
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