Asked by Laura | Jun. 10, 2013 13:23
About:Year of the Dragon

I'm a Dragon he's a Dog

My marriage fell apart in the last few years and our divorce was finalized this year.. I know I should avoid dogs but I really do love him and would do anything to be with him.. I have battled a lot of downs for so long between our relationship, money, jobs, etc. Will my life turn around and be filled with ups? and is it possible for me to get the dog back in my life? I love him with all my heart...

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Answered by Lisa from United Kingdom | Jun. 11, 2013 03:27
According to Chinese astrology, you should aviod the dog, because you are not matchful.
2013 is a good year for you, so you may overcome everything, but I do not think the dog can go back to you.
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