Asked by Erick from Mexico | Apr. 30, 2013 18:30
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Re-entry permit

I'm going to visit China as Tourist (L) but I need a 3-entry, but there's no 3 or multi-entry one for tourists...
I will go to Guangzhou on June 26th and will leave to Cambodia on June 27th.
I will go to Shanghai and Beijing on July 11th and leave to Taiwan on July 14th.
I will go to Diqing on July 24th and leave from Shanghai to Mexico on August 1st.
What can I do? as longer as there's only single and double entry and the proccessing time at the PSB is 5 days.
Thanks in advance!

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Answered by Duke | May. 02, 2013 22:51
Hi, it is true you need 3 entries, so you can have a try to apply for a multiple entry L with your travel schedule, flight ticket and hotel bookings. A double entry is not enough, or you have to apply for a new one (through an agency in HK) while you are in Taiwan.
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