Asked by melissa from Philippines | Feb. 21, 2013 04:41
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I was born on 27TH Feb, 1982, the dog year. so what'll be my fortune and love this year?

my bf born on june 12, 1975. are we compatible?

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Answered by Anne from Canada | Feb. 23, 2013 01:09
Your Chinese Zodiac is Dog. After a year with bad fortune, the dog people eventually welcome a smooth year in 2013. You will feel it is very easy to cultivate relationship with leaders and new friends. Once you endeavor to work or study, you get satisfactory results. In general, you will have a good year in relationship.You are supposed to be more considerate to your partners to reach a more harmonious life.His Chinese Zodiac is Rabbit. You two will develop a strong bond that links you together.
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