Asked by Loulou from Australia | Feb. 09, 2013 14:50
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Hello, my husband and I are both rabbits and 2 children. Should we sell,our home this year?

We have been married 13 years and love each other very much. We live private life, and we wish to sell our home in the city so we can move to smaller community near countryside, have a quieter life and no mortgage. It is not too far from city. Will our children cope well? They are born 2004 & 2005. We want to be happier and healthier, fresh air and be closer to mountains. Husband can drive to work easily, it is not too far. I have to find new work locally which I am hopeful for. Is this is a good time to move? What should we look for in new home? House number, location. Thank you for your help. Happy New Year,

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Answered by Xi from ManTitao | Feb. 10, 2013 18:02
Don't leave your city, say the cards. Great Problems will come your way. Your children will move away from education, but your husband and you will be happy. Money won't be good too.
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