Asked by LEO from USA | Jul. 13, 2012 13:28
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I'm a Fire Dragon, born aug.1976 (Leo), what should I expect in 2012? Career wise? Relationships?

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Answered by Juanna | Jul. 14, 2012 02:32
The Fortune Fortelling in 2012 for Dragon
Overview: It is the turn of them to encounter their birth year, a year to offend 'Taisui’, the god in charge of people’s fortune. To ensure their own safety, they should be tolerant and low-keyed. Good and bad luck are coming fifty-fifty.

Career: They are likely to be slow and erratic. There is no lack of good information and opportunities, but hardly any of them can bring good results.
Wealth: Think twice before investing. Pay attention to their expenditure plan in order to avoid financial crisis.
Love: Sentimental crisis may easily happen and there are many quarrels between the husband and wife.
Health: Their luck in health is worth of special attention, the same as those paid to their wealth problems. Apart from the discomfort in digestive system, they should also care those in skin and blood.

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