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Who was in charge of the Great Wall construction?

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Answered by Mr.Bruce | Mar. 16, 2011 18:48
What do you mean by 'in charge of'? I know when emperor Qinshihuang unified China, he ordered general Meng Tian to connected the Wall of the formor states together.
Answered by Ms.ASHLOVESASH from Singapore | Jul. 17, 2011 07:15
a lot of people was in charge of building the great wall.. cuz in started very early at around 8 century bc. so many people who was in charge was not actually stated in history.
Answered by Ms.YANGYUE from China | Jul. 18, 2011 02:57

In fact , there are three main dynasties to build Great Wall.

The first dynasty was the Qin. Emperor Qin Shihang Ordered to build the Great wall. It was called the Qin Great Wall. It was 5000 kilometers long.

The second dynasty was the Han. Emperor Han Wu ordered to build the Great Wall.It was called the Han Great Wall. It was 10,000 kilometers long.

The last dynasty was the Ming. From the frist Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang until the last emperor of Ming dynasty,all the dynasty build the Great Wall.It was called the Ming Great Wall.

The Great Wall we can see today is Ming Great Wall.
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