Asked by Mr.Maxine from China | Mar. 16, 2011 09:05
About:Chinese Temporary Residence Permit


Firstly thanks for the great page of information, and most importantly for keeping it upto date. I have found a lot of very useful information here!

I am myself in the process of getting a Z visa (and the residence permit) after having stayed her nearly two years studying Chinese. I have been told I need to leave the country, as I have initially entered on a L visa, that was then converted to a X and then renewed once. I am also a little confused about some other issues and would be grateful if you could shine some light on the following:

1. fees? I know how the price of the health check, but what about: temporary work permit? 1 months Z (from HK)? invitation letter? work permit (conversion to 1 year multi entry Z)?

2. degree certification: I have a masters, however the middle name on that differs from what it is in my passport (University made used my nickname). Is this going to be a problem?

3. travel during conversion from 1 month Z to 1 year Z: I cannot leave the country? The PSB have my passport for the whole time?

4. Was told all documents need translating into Chinese, if they are in English. Can I go anywhere for this (anyone who can stamp it) or does it have to be a some sort of accredited translation company?

5. Finally, if some one could point me in the direction of the website of the Chinese Consulate in HK that be good. Cannot find the official page...

Many thanks for any info and replies

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Answered by Mr.JOHNNASH from United States | Mar. 18, 2011 02:41
1. you don't need to pay for the temporary work permit, invitation letter, residence permit, your employer should pay for them. You need to pay HK$ 150 for single entry Z visa if you apply for Z visa from Hk, but the visa fee varies according to nationality. If you are US national, you need to pay HK$ 1100

2. it will be a problem if the middle name on masters degree differs from passport, please get a letter from a local notary public to prove they are the same person, then authenticated by Foreign Affairs Office of your country and China embassy/consulate in your country.

3. in fact, your 1 month Z visa will be converted into a 1 year Residence Permit, which can be used as a 1 year multiple entry Z visa, you can leave China, the PSB won't hold your passport for the whole time. Once you get 1 year residence permit, your paspsort will be given to you

4. The documents should be translated in to Chinese by an accredited translation company

5. now, the website of Chinese consulate in Hk can't be opened for some reasons.
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