Asked by Mr.Edwin T from Malaysia | Mar. 15, 2011 09:02
About:Marriage Registration in China


I am planning to marry with my China girl friend who are hukou in Suzhou, hence i
several questions that still not clear after asking from some offices:-

I am Malaysian Chinese and now working in China. My questions are:-
1. Is malaysia having their official format of single status certificate?
2. Do i need to go back to malaysia as to :-
- apply the single status certificate and certified in M'sia (affidavic notarised)or
can i do it in malaysia embassy in China?
3. Upon completed item 2, can i proceed the official translation in China rather than do it in M'sia?
4. Upon completion item 3, can i proceed the marriage in China?
5. If item 4 ok, do i need to proceed the marriage registration in M'sia or in China itself should be fine? Can i just proceed to translate the "China marry certificate" and get it certified in M'sia and can be recognised by M'sia goverment?
6. If in future, my child is born in China and can i convert the baby to M'sia Nationality and is there any deadline of doing this after child born? Or i should report it to any office before the baby is born? Can i apply the above in Malaysia embassy in China or need to go back to M'sia to proceed?

Please advise as need help on this! Thanks.

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Answered by Mr.Henry | Mar. 16, 2011 01:05
1. Yes, Malaysia has its official format of single status certificate
2. you need to go back to malaysia to get the single status certificate, then get certified in Malaysia, you can't do it in Malaysia embassy in China
3. You need to get two versions of single status certificate and certificated them in Malaysia
4. Besides the single status certificate, you also need to apply for a China visa to go to Suzhou for marriage registration
5. You need to proceed the marriage registration in China. Yes, you can translate the China marriage certificate and get it certificated by Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office and Malaysia consulate in Shanghai. Then it is recognized by Malaysia government
6. if your child is born in China, you can apply for malaysia nationality for the child, you need to take the birth certificate, passports of you and your wife to go to Malaysia consulate in Shanghai to make birth registration and apply for Malaysia passport for your son.
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