Asked by Ms.Lisa Prawer from USA | Mar. 07, 2011 19:47
About:Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center

Just wondering how much it costs to hold the pandas at Chengdu and how do you make a reservation to do so? Is there a website where you can find out information?

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Answered by Mr.Carl | Mar. 09, 2011 01:59
I think you are not able to make a reservation for holding the pandans in advance. you have to queue up to do that in the panda base. It costs too much to take a photo, holding a panda.
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Mar. 12, 2011 02:12
It depends on when you go to hold the gaint panda. Usually they have two kind of pandas. One is the baby panda(6 months)which cost 1,000RMB, other one is the adult panda9more than 1 year)which will cost 500RMB.They say it's the donation to panda because a panda will costmore than 80,000RMB every year,including food and medical care, etc..
In the hot summer, you can't have photo with adulit one coz pandas usually dont want to go outside to take photo with people.They want to lying on their beds in their airconditioner room inside. Therefore, you only can have photo with the baby one.
After you take photo, the worker will give you a certificate, maybe a smalll souvenir too.
There is no need to reserve this,but you'd better have a friend to guide you to go there because most poeple there cant speak English and that place is totally a maze.
If you still cant find a friend be with you,maybe I can do some help. I am a local Chengdu people.Please contact me by email in advance. Thank you. I hope my advice can help you.
Answered by Nite Po from United States | Jun. 22, 2011 01:09
To Vanessa Zhong,
How much does it cost to hold a baby panda in US dollars? Is holding a baby panda available everyday since there is no reservation?
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Jun. 26, 2011 00:25
To Nite Po,
Sorry for my late reply. I just saw your question for I seldom be here. If you pay by USD, it will be a little more than CNY because they do not go to bank everyday and the USD has falling recantly.It is USD165 per person. So you'd better exchange your money first at your hotel counter or airport.
If the panda's condition is great, you could take photo with it any time if you want. But you should come to Giant Panda Nursery Facility before 9am for you could see the baby pandas playing outside in their enclosure. The baby pandas will go back to their air0conditioner room around 9:30am in hot summer. After you seeing the cure pandas, you should go to consult the worker in charge of panda holding. They will tell you the exact time of panda holding. Usually, it will be from 9:50 to 11am, and from2:30pm to 4pm.
Answered by keith from USA | Oct. 01, 2012 17:05
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Oct. 01, 2012 18:01
You're only allowed to sit down next panda instead of holding it on you as pandas are more than 1 year old. But you could hug it and get very close to it.
Yes,the donation has raised to CNY 1,300 since January 1st. ,2012. I was told it would raise again next year.
Answered by Amy from US | Nov. 06, 2013 10:38
I was at the preserve in September 2013 and it was about 330 dollars for the Panda Experience. You sit next to a young panda, get your picure taken, and watch as he or she eats bamboo. A wonderful experience but pricey.
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Nov. 14, 2013 03:09
Yes, it's RMB2, 000 since Jan, 2013. But if you pay by U.S. Dollar, it will be $350 which is a little higher than RMB. As they don't have time to go to bank every day and the unstable rate.
Answered by Audrey from France | Dec. 21, 2014 11:59
I am French and I am planning to visit the pandas for my birthday January 1st.
I saw on internet that it's preferable to book the holding baby panda in advance but not sure about where to do so. Please could you advise? do you think that it will be possible to hug a baby panda even without any booking? or is it absolutely necessary?
Many thanks
Answered by John from USA | Dec. 22, 2014 21:07
Well, Happy Birthday in advance. For the panda baby holding experience, reservation is needed. Generally, people book through email. Here is their email address for your convenience:|pandabase
Good trip.
Answered by Audrey from France | Dec. 25, 2014 02:40
Many thanks for your message.
I heard that the baby panda holding experience has been stopped for now due to renovations in the panda base center. I sent an email to but they haven't replied.
Have you heard about something similar?
Wish you all a Merry Christmas :)
Answered by Ana from China | Jan. 06, 2015 09:05
Have you got to hold the panda on your birthday? I am going to Chengdu this week and wanted to get this experience... Could you get me some current info? Thanks
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Jan. 19, 2015 04:36
It is concelled since Dec 10 AND won't start it recently in Chengdu.
Answered by Ms.VANESSAZHONG from China | Jan. 19, 2015 04:37
Yes, you get a right information. AND next time ,please do remember contact Panda Foundation ,not Panda Base.
Answered by James from USA | Sep. 10, 2015 12:32
I love pandas I am nine I live in the united states of america
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