Asked by Ms.Kanza from pakistan | Feb. 15, 2011 02:32
About:Route of Silk Road

Since last 4 yers my dad has been planning to take us kids to china thru islamabad :D i really BADLYYY WANNA GO! its sooo amazing how one state of place changes to another?
"We created man from a clot of blood and divided him into groups and tribes so that u may recognize each other" (forgot the verse number) its soo true :D :P
i wanted to no wat wud be the safest time during the whole year to travel?? oh one more question i read sumwhere tht the mongolian empire was the 1 that transformed into mughal empire! cud u give me a reference or a book name or anything which describes how the mongols were connected to mughals
Oh yes i remmber now i watched it on national geographic!

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Answered by Mr.Jason | Feb. 15, 2011 21:04
The Mongolian Empire was divides into several Khan empires at the same period that Genghis khan's grandson established Yuan Dynasty in China. Timurid Empire was one of them in central Asia. The descendant of Timur Lenk inbreak Indian in the south and established Mughal Empire. For books you can see René Grousset's The Empire of the Steppes:A History of Central Asia and HISTORY OF THE MONGOL EMPIRE. Safest travel time? I don't know where you are going to travel. Not travel in winter.
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