Asked by Mr.Louis from South Africa | Jan. 19, 2011 22:10
About:China Embassy in South Africa

I am to start teaching at a University in Guangzhou from 01 March. Due to the expected late receive date of the documents (work permit/letter of invitation/foreign expert certificate) in South Africa, needed to apply for a Z visa in South Africa, I will be arriving later than my due starting date in the PRC. My only remedy to arrive in time before 01 March, with a valid Z Visa, is to acquire a Tourist L Visa now in South Africa, to enter the PRC a month earlier (legitimately not to work, but stay with friends), and during February directly pick up the necessary abovementioned documents. Then enter from the PRC into Hong Kong (South African - no visa required),I will, using the 'rush'service to obtain my Z Visa, re-enter the PRC with my legitimate Z Visa after 24h or a few extra hours. That is the background. Comparing the websites of the PRC Consulates in South Africa, and in Hong Kong, regarding the requirements for the issue of a Z Visa however, I found a glaring discrepancy between them : On the Hong Kong website, the requirements are noted as it had always been - in addition to the 2 abovementioned documents, also a general health certificate if going to work for 1 year or longer (similar to the one already submitted to be granted the 2 abovementioned documents -- and the original thus in my possession). On the South African website however, a different requirement : instead of a general health certificate, an official form, requiring an ‘authenticated’ comprehensive physical examination of the foreigner applying for the Z Visa. Question : Is it possible that the same new requirement is now also necessary in Hong Kong when applying, or is the general health certificate still sufficient in Hong Kong ? If the new medical requirement is now also required by the Hong Kong Consulate, can that physical examination be done in South Africa and submitted with the rest of the documents required in Hong Kong, or does that physical examination need to be done in Hong Kong?

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Answered by Ms.HELPER from Canada | Jan. 21, 2011 03:32
The general health certificate is still sufficient in Hong Kong, please don't worry. In fact, you don't need to provide Health Certificate for China work visa application, after you enter Guangzhou by holding Z visa, you also need to do the health check again when you apply for Temporary Residence Permit. Z visa holders have to apply for Temporary Residence Permit within 30 days after entry.

Generally speaking, a government won't believe the medical examination done in South Africa or Hong Kong, therefore, the government will asks you to do it again when you apply for Temporary residence permit.

I had obtained a Z visa without Physical Examination although the website of China consulate in Toronto states that it is required for Z visa
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