Asked by Mrs.Lam from Netherlands | Dec. 04, 2010 18:18
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Dear Sir, Madam,
We want to take the night train from Shanghai to Beijing, but wonder about the very short differences in departure time between D308 - D306 - D302 - D314 - D322. What is the difference between those trains? There seem to be not much difference in route? And they all have the same traveling time? Why have only the D-308 first class seats?

Will the T104 and T110 will be more comfortable, as they have lesser stops? I mean: will they be less noisy? Is there a big difference in the soft sleeper seats between a D-train and a T-train?
We have traveled from Beijing to Jinan and the seats were very comfortable in the first class. That was also a D-train, so can we expect the same kind of seats in the D-trains to and from Shanghai? And how about the T-trains? Will it be possible to make a kind of 'stopover' at Suzhou (Jiangsu)? I mean if we take the D-30 or the 1462 train in the morning and want to spend the afternoon and evening in Suzhou, will we have to buy 2 different tickets? Or can we reserve 2 different times to travel to Suzhou and to Beijing with 1 ticket?

I hope anyone can help us with these questions.

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Answered by Mr.Yow | Dec. 06, 2010 18:44
The stop stations of these trains are a little different. But their journey time is almost the same, all around 10hrs. And there are only second class seats and soft sleepers equipped on the trains D308, D306, D302, D314, and D322. Usually, the soft sleepers and seats on the D train are more comfortable than that on T trains. So, you could take the train like D30 and buy 2 different tickets Shanghai-Suzhou and Suzhou-Beijing in advance.
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