Asked by Mr.Mahesh Menon from India | Nov. 17, 2010 02:38
About:Chinese Temporary Residence Permit


I'm from India and i'm now in China on Z Visa and i'm in the process of getting the resident permit. I've brough my wife together on Z dependent Visa. Now after coming here, she has got an offer to work. Is it possible to work while on Z dependent Visa/Dependent Resident Permit? What is the best way for her to get to work? Does she have to leave the country and go back to India or some place like Hongkong to apply for Visa?

Please advice.

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Answered by Mr.APAULT from United Kingdom | Nov. 17, 2010 16:19
Mahesh: I assume that your wife is on a tourist visa (L) based on your Z visa. So now she has an offer to work. She can only obtain a Z visa if the employer is certified to employ foreigners and she has the appropriate skills...just as when you applied. My experience of offers received in her situation is that the employer often does not have the certification. So we need to consider 2 possibilities. First, the employer is certified: in theory the regulations permit the application to be made on the mainland but in practice many PSB Exit and Entry Administration offices are unwilling to do this so that we would normally next look at making the application in Hong Kong. What you must remember is that all of this must be organised by the employer-to-be. So they must sort it all out. Second situation, they are not certified: typically we get around the regulations by getting a business (F) visa, though strictly she is not entitled to work on an F visa. To get an F via requires the support of a business... ie her employer-to-be. It can usually be arranged within China (mainland) but sometimes it requires a trip to Honk Kong. So in all these situations her employer must get organised to do it, OR they can spend money on an agent who has special contacts. There is a worse case scenario, where it is possible to get a Z or an F visa but she must return to her home country.... but it is not very common.
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