Asked by Ms.Lee from UK | Nov. 14, 2010 05:17
About:China Visa Fees

[3:15:01 AM] marlene rowling: Due to some personal difficulties i have overstayed my tourist visa. i plan to leave the country soon and i am aware that i will have to pay the 5000 fine which i am ok with.
I am worried as i dont have a residence permit. I wasn't aware when i came here that i needed one. I have been in China for 8 months already. Is it possible to still get one?
Whats the worst that could happen when i go to the psb to pay the fine and get an exit visa without a residence permit?
i am from the UK.
Any advice would be much appreciated

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Answered by Mr.Joe from China | Nov. 14, 2010 21:03
8 months?! MS.Lee, that is to say you have overstayed in China for few months on your visa. But don't worry too much, you will be issued a new visa to leave if you pay the fine to the local PSB. but of course be apologetic for that, and better find yourself a good translator to be with you there.
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