Asked by Ms.tan sy from Malaysia | Oct. 13, 2010 10:35
About:Window of the World, Shenzhen

Hie, I am from Malaysia and we are going to Hong Kong from Oct 30-Nov 6 2010. We plan to visit Macau and also Shenzhen as day trip.

Do we need a visa to get to Macau? If yes, how and where to apply for it?
And do we need a visa to go to Shenzhen? If yes, how and where to apply for it?

We only plan to go to WOW in Shenzhen as it is only a day trip. We plan to get there by MTR from HKG. Understand that I need to take east rail line from Hung Hom Station to Lo Wu Station. From there, how to get to Luo Hu station? Is Lo Wu station and Luo Hu station connected?

And once we get to Luo Hu station, I need to get off at Shijiezhichuang (Window of the World) station, am i right?

Since we cannot read Chinese, is it still easy to take MTR and go to WOW by ourselves? Are there English reading signs in Shenzhen's Metro?

Appreciate all your advice.

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Answered by Mr.HONGKONGMAN from Hong Kong | Oct. 15, 2010 03:10
You don't need visa to enter Macau, but you need visa to enter Shenzhen, better apply in advance in your country. You can apply for it at China Embassy in your country.

Lo Wu Station is in Hong Kong, Luo Hu Station is in Shenzhen, you need to pass the customs after arriving at Lo Wu Station, and after that you can get to Luo Hu Subway Station.

Yes, you need to take Subway Line 1 to Shijiezhichuang Station, there are English signs on Shenzhen subway, you'll have no problem in taking it. Good Luck!
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